EDRA New Advertising Campaign

September 2018

Absolute comfort, timeless elegance, universal use, technological innovation, research of materials are part of our DNA.

The new campaign dedicated to Standard, On The Rocks, Pack, Essential and Stand by Me, communicates these values through an immediately identifiable language.

We chose Giovanni Gastel again, for his sophisticated ability to interpret, catch and render the real essence of the different products.

This results into an incomparable beauty: images that are strong and elegant.

Leticia Herrera, elegant and simple, graciously expresses the endless declinations of comfort: Gastel multiplies this concept and always places an important detail in the middle, framing it as if we could touch the essence and the quality of the collection.

 We dematerialized the space and chose a “non contest”, a neutral background because Edra is not just a style: products naturally fit in any environment.

The fundamental products of the collection, with their extraordinary characteristics of softness and comfort, also granted by an important technological invention such as the “Smart Cushion”, are the stars.

The complements of the Edra collection, and no other element, are added to the composition: the products, thanks to their strong identity and character, convey our values.

Black and white, clarity and visual power, a strong choice, a great identity, aware of carrying on our story, “A STORY ON ITS OWN”.

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