The new videos for Standard and On the Rocks

directed by Giovanni Gastel

June 2019

Ultimate comfort, timeless elegance, versatility, high tech and cutting-edge materials are in our DNA.

The new video shoot filmed by the great photographer Giovanni Gastel for the Standard and On the Rocks sofas instantly conveys such values as our distinctive traits.

Following the thread of the images, Gastel takes inspiration from the concept of a multiplying female figure, successfully enhancing the design and perfect comfort of Edra furniture, which takes centre stage: there’s nothing else to add, everything is essential.

A rarefied space, a non-place where, in quick succession, the chic and elegant Leticia Herrera goes through all the motions that express the countless variations of comfort that only Edra furniture can offer.

It’s a successful relation, the one between Edra and Gastel, that began in 2015 and is built on the fundamental principles they both believe in:

“In fact - Giovanni Gastel says - I consider the term ‘elegance’ a moral value more than an aesthetic one. If you embrace elegance, you also embrace some attitudes, a view of the world, a certain idea of your role”. Giovanni Gastel

The result is a story in images of the emotional journey that leads to explore the countless personal, and sometimes unconventional, ways of living our collection, which are made possible by research in new technology and materials: from the "Smart Cushion" which can be adjusted as you like with the flick of the hand, to the Gellyfoam®, a superior material that offers comfortable support, and the foldable backrest of On the Rocks, that lends itself to many different uses: for reading, for conversation, or for total relax.

This is also true of our textiles, designed to be the ideal clothes for any new item, to define and enhance its features.

"We chose to work with Giovanni Gastel a long time ago, because of his sophisticated talent for understanding, capturing and showing the true essence of products". Monica Mazzei, Vice President Edra.

By producing such videos, Edra also embodies the challenge of global digital communication: videos are so powerful that they overcome language barriers, while also conveying, in their motion, the key value of the research that goes in the collection: the Standard and On the Rocks sofas raise the bar in the concept of comfort.

All this, without compromising on identity, which for over thirty years Edra has always associated with a relentless pursuit of value in materials technology, combined with a painstaking attention to detail and the finest finishes to create a unique style, as edra’s story: a story on its own.

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