engineering for your relax


Edra invents and uses only materials created for each specific project, characterized by particular sensory and emotional qualities. Matter capable of transmitting tactile and visual sensations that enhance the shape. New goals are achieved thanks to this original design of the materials, which is fundamental to production.


A key element of Edra’s identity, which always pays great attention to researching new materials to discover or reinvent, and to flexible typologies, capable of transforming the creative concept into an industrial project. Manual intervention highly specialized and refined, which is a genetic Italian trait cultivated with intent, characterizes its one of a kind production.


The technologies employed derive from unlimited horizons explored without any limit. High-tech that draws on several industries to supplement their input into the design without need of displaying it. Great technical complexity, which translates into extreme simplicity of use.



The necessary attention to detail is the result of manual expertise cultivated by years of experience. Intrinsic hand-made that is part of the manufacturing process of each Edra product, and assures its exceptional quality. An absolutely necessary choice to obtain the highest quality in serial production.

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