A story on its own

Edra is a company with a unique history. It is a recognized leader, in the vanguard of its field. It has followed its own path, with courage, professionalism, respect and character. It has created a history that will last in time, thanks to production of the highest quality, never swayed by passing fashions and trends. A path that has made it a firmly established brand and a point of reference on the international design scene.

Edra is the evolution of modern technology and artistic tradition. The production is the result of a blend of talent for invention, specialized craftsmanship, research on innovative technologies and materials. The pieces are created with such care as to become unique, unmistakable presences. Sofas and cabinets that adapt to all kinds of spaces, contemporary or traditional homes, public venues, international museums.

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The exclusive smart cushion technology

The desire of making of a sofa a landing place and a meeting point for many different, otherwise isolated, “sailors”. This is the premise at the bottom of the invention of the “smart” cushion, in the tale of Francesco Binfaré.
A special mechanism, inserted as well in the armrests as in the backrests, permits to tilt them as desired just with a light pressure. This way the “island” sofa becomes with its soft architecture the heart of the house.
The smart cushion meets all needs of uses: one can read or have a conversation, use the tablet or watch tv.
A new generation of sofas for the contemporary life arises, increased in comfort and functionality.

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The Gellyfoam ® patent

In pursuance of always more advanced technologies, in 2004 Edra invents and patents the Gellyfoam®, which interpret the evolution of the human needs in the area of comfort.

A special material, arisen from the mixing of different foams, which lends exclusive softness and extreme versatility to the padding and has led to new attainments of outstanding relax.


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