Fernando e Humberto Campana

Evocative and mysterious, this container conceals a central bearing structure. Five circular shelves of decreasing diameter are concealed beneath the hut of long strands of raffia viscose fiber.

The strands of raffia viscose fiber are hand knotted in such a way as to fall from the top to the ground.

The Cabana can be opened from every direction to access the hidden circular shelves, equivalent to twelve linear meters.


Craftmanship is an essential working method to provide Edra’s quality, the oldest and newest one, and it is through craftsmanship that knowledge is handed down: work is done according to a ...

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An essential balance between technology and craftsmanship, between beauty and instant wonder. These are our values, which create the greatest quality. The ones that belong to our land, Tuscany, the ...

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Total shelving space is about 12 linear meters covered in strands of raffia viscose. The structure is a central column with 5 brown lacquered steel shelves.