Fernando e Humberto Campana

It is a nest of “coral” with irregular wide seat, formed by the weaving of stainless steel wire bent by hand, a process that determines the uniqueness of each piece.

The hundreds of welds are cleaned, brushed and then rounded to
avoid sharp edges or roughness: a labor of such complexity and artistic craftsmanship to require an entire week.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


Craftmanship is an essential working method to provide Edra’s quality, the oldest and newest one, and it is through craftsmanship that knowledge is handed down: work is done according to a ...

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An essential balance between technology and craftsmanship, between beauty and instant wonder. These are our values, which create the greatest quality. The ones that belong to our land, Tuscany, the ...

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Components of Corallo

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Structure in stainless steel wire bent by hand with about 900 welds brushed and rounded. Epoxy finish in orange, white or black.