Jacopo Foggini

A splinter. A big fragment of faceted glass with a thick irregular edge that recalls the rugged coastline of the islands of the Egeo sea, from which it takes the name.

Each piece is unique and hand finished.

This series of glass tables with irregular, elliptical or round tops.



La purezza del vetro esaltata dalla forma. La superficie sottostante del piano è verniciata in nero o oro. Per ottenere le irregolarità di una scheggia di vetro o della costa di ...

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Components of Egeo

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The purity of glass enhanced by shape. The surface of the top is painted in black or gold.

To obtain the irregularities of a glass splinter or the coast of an island, the perimeter is smoothed with a special process that makes each piece unique.

The base can be in tubular steel, with four conical legs, or in cone shaped metal for a central pedestal.