Jacopo Foggini

Chair with armrests, entirely handmade in polycarbonate.

It is supported by a pedestal that allows rotation which stem is black and the petals of transparent and soft hues mix green and blue or gold or anthracite, recalls the shape of a flower.

The elegant, comfortable seat perfectly fits in with any setting.

Each piece is unique, as it is shaped by hand.


Each chair of the Jacopo Foggini Collection is a sculpture unlike any other. Back height, width, shape, dust and characteristics, colour and distribution of matter, and the fact that it is shaped by ...

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Components of Ella

Downloadable materials

Seat and back formed by a monocoque of polycarbonate shaped by hand. Colors: transparent with green/blue shades, or transparent with anthracite shades with base in black semi-gloss varnished metal, or transparent with gold shades with metal base in 24 carat gold finish. Available as a high stool with metal base in ruthenium finish. Swivel base with adjustable height. Each piece is handmade and always different in size, shape and color.