Full Moon

Jacopo Foggini

A table in alabaster obtained by cutting a very thick slice out of the egg-shaped extremely pure matter lit from within.

The top of every table is different: the light enhances the differences of the alabaster veins, that with the irregular shapes make every piece as unique.

The translucent stone is supported by a shiny metal pedestal and, illuminated, it recalls the full moon.

Fabrics and Materials

The Tuscan alabaster from the Volterra area was used already in ancient times in Etruria in paleochristian basilicas instead of glass.

Later, it was discovered by Florentine sculptors and artisans who preferred it to create precious decorative objects, but in the Middle Ages it was almost completely forgotten, and then rediscovered by the artists during the Renaissance.

The trumpet-shaped metal base is available in three colours: gold, palladium or ruthenium.

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Components of Full Moon

Downloadable materials

Alabaster tables equipped with a lighting system powered by rechargeable battery. Available in three versions: natural (white / grey), amber, anthracite. The metal conical support is available in three colors, gold, palladium or ruthenium.