Fernando e Humberto Campana

Without any internal frame, Favela is made with many strips of natural wood,

Pine for indoor use, teak also for outdoor. In both cases, the strips are nailed one over the other by hand, in a random arrangement that makes every chair different from the next.

The beauty of Favela lies in the choice of natural materials combined with the apparent simplicity of construction.

In reality, the armchair is the result of a week of work and great manual expertise.


An essential balance between technology and craftsmanship, between beauty and instant wonder. These are our values, which create the greatest quality. The ones that belong to our land, Tuscany, the ...

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Manual skill is essential to the success of the final product.

Favela is the demonstration of the importance of this ability to interpret projects with unique design, such as that which characterizes the style of the Campana brothers.

Available in Pinus and in Teak for outdoor